Rage Room Experience

Two lady fighting at the fragment room Singapore

The Fragment Room is a rage room where you are encouraged to let down your walls and release your inner frustrations. So your boss shouted at you. So your train broke down today. Wouldn’t it be great to go somewhere and release your rage?

Come in for a short session and treat yourself to arguably the most exciting anger therapy in the market. Smash plates, glasses, vases, electronic appliances and more.

Featured Activity

Double Package

Skip the shrink and come to us, breaking things is the perfect way for you to release your inhibitions and finally liberate all the resentment that you have restrained.

Double up with your partner or friend. It’s you two against the world. Smash away!

Package includes:

  • 30 minutes
  • 2 crates of breakables
  • Helmet and/or full face mask
  • White coveralls
  • Cut-proof gloves
  • Baseball bat or Crowbar

PS: You can play your own music while breaking things!