The History Behind

The History Behind Alexandra Hospital Massacre

Formerly known as the British Military Hospital, it was the site of a massacre by the Japanese on 14 February 1942 when approximately 250 staffs and patients were killed

Unveiling The 1981 Toa Payoh Ritual Murders

A revenge murder disguised as a ritual sacrifice that left two children dead and two families broken

The History Behind Sembawang Hot Springs

Famed as the only public hot springs in mainland Singapore, it was once bottled as mineral water by Fraser and Neave. Learn about the history behind Sembawang Hot Springs

The History Behind Sentosa, The Island of Death Behind

From stories of frequent bloodshed to the horrific Sook Ching Massacre, the sunny island of Sentosa lie a dark and tragic past that many are not aware of.

The History Behind Haunted Pasir Ris Red House

Behind the red-bricked walls of the haunted 'Red House' lie countless terrifying legends and paranormal incidents that have kept ghost hunters coming for decades

The History Behind Syonan Jinja, Light of the South Shrine

Find out the history behind Syonan Jinja, a Shinto shrine dubbed to be the grandest of all in South Asia

The History Behind Labrador Park

Located on the southern tip of mainland Singapore, Labrador Nature Reserve (also known as Labrador Park) was once a heavily fortified gun post built to defend the western entrance of Keppel Harbour.

The History Behind View Road Mental Hospital

Discover the true history behind View Road Hospital, a former police barrack, mental institution and worker dormitory

The History Behind the Haunted Matilda House

Matilda House, a century old bungalow that has survived two World Wars and witnessed the rise of Singapore. What mystery lies behind the infamous haunted house?

The History Behind Marsiling Tunnels

Descending two storeys below ground, Marsiling Tunnels have intrigued local historians and urban explorers since its discovery in the early 2000s
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