The History Behind

The History Behind Labrador Nature Reserve

Once a coastal artillery fort, it is now a preserved nature reserve and one of the few remaining preserved WWII historical site in Singapore

The History Behind View Road Mental Hospital

Discover the true history behind View Road Hospital, a former police barrack, mental institution and worker dormitory

The History Behind the Haunted Matilda House

Matilda House, a century old bungalow that has survived two World Wars and witnessed the rise of Singapore. What mystery lies behind the infamous haunted house?

The History Behind Marsiling Tunnels

Descending two storeys below ground, Marsiling Tunnels have intrigued local historians and urban explorers since its discovery in the early 2000s

Unsolving The 1979 Tan Family Geylang Bahru Murders

The gruesome murder of four innocent children at the Tan family remains one of the most heinous crime in Singapore history

The History Behind Haunted Amber Beacon Tower

From a floating lady in white to bloodstains on the steps, the deadly past of Amber Beacon Tower has made it the most haunted spot in East Coast Park. Find out the history behind the deadly attack.

The History Behind Fort Siloso

Home to the largest collection of WWII memorabilia, Fort Siloso is currently the only preserved coastal fort in Singapore. Get a glimpse into the fort's history and its role during WWII.

The History Behind Old Changi Hospital

From a rumoured torture chamber to sightings of the spirit of a nurse haunting the hallways, Old Changi Hospital gives the creeps like no other place in Singapore.

The History Behind: Haunted Hillview Mansion

Once poised to be the highest and most expensive residential property in the region, it is now one of the three famous haunted 'colored' houses in Singapore.

The History Behind Bukit Brown Cemetery

Home to over 100,000 tombs, Bukit Brown Cemetery is the largest Chinese graveyard outside of China.For almost a hundred years...
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