Mystery & Crime

25 Haunted Places in Singapore You Should Visit If You Dare

From the infamous Old Changi Hospital to the lesser known Jalan Mempurong, Singapore is home to a myriad of haunted...
Mystery & Crime The History Behind

The History Behind Alexandra Hospital Massacre

Formerly known as the British Military Hospital, it was the site of a massacre by the Japanese on 14 February...
Outdoors The Ultimate Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Horse Riding in Singapore: Where to Learn and FAQs

Looking for some horsepower? Saddle up and get horse-riding with out ultimate guide to the best stables and horse riding...
Mystery & Crime The History Behind

Unveiling The 1981 Toa Payoh Ritual Murders

A revenge murder disguised as a ritual sacrifice that left two children dead and two families broken
The History Behind

The History Behind Sembawang Hot Springs

Famed as the only public hot springs in mainland Singapore, it was once bottled as mineral water by Fraser and...
All Mystery & Crime

Unravelling the 2008 Yishun Triple Murders

The savage murder of three women in Yishun dominated Singapore headlines for weeks in 2008. Unravel the story that turned...
All The History Behind

The History Behind Sentosa, The Island of Death Behind

From stories of frequent bloodshed to the horrific Sook Ching Massacre, the sunny island of Sentosa lie a dark and...
Mystery & Crime

Dissecting the 1984 Curry Murder

The gruesome killing and cooking of victim Ayakanno Marimuthuand's body parts in curry have ended with no individuals being charged....
Mystery & Crime

Mystery of the 1972 Queenstown Sniper Shooting Incident

After almost 5 decades, the mysterious 'sniping' incident at Queenstown have continued to baffled the police and forensic scientists...
Mystery & Crime The History Behind

The History Behind Haunted Pasir Ris Red House

Behind the red-bricked walls of the haunted 'Red House' lie countless terrifying legends and paranormal incidents that have kept ghost...
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