An exclusive ExplorerSG series where we reveal some of the lesser-known places, facts and history of Singapore.

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#15: The Abandoned Istana Woodneuk

Istana Woodneuk is an abandoned mansion located along Tyersall Avenue. It entered the limelight in 2018 when it was revealed by Kevin Kwan, author of

#14: The Reason Why Singapore Is Called the Little Red Dot

The nickname “Little Red Dot”, a reference to how Singapore is represented in the world map, was first coined by late President of Indonesia Bacharuddin

#13: Ngee Ann City, A Former Cemetery

Unbeknownst to many, the former grounds of Orchard Road and Paterson Road was once a huge Teochew cemetery called Tai Shan Ting.

#12: Singapore Changed Its Timezone Six Times

The last change was made in 1982, when West Malaysia (GMT +7:30) moved their clocks ahead by half an hour to match East Malaysia (GMT+8).

#11: The Only Lighthouse in Singapore That’s on Top of a Building: Bedok Lighthouse

Located atop the 26-storey high Lagoon View condominium stands the Bedok Lighthouse, Singapore’s first fully automated and unmanned lighthouse.

#10: Bukit Timah Monkey Man, Singapore’s Very Own Bigfoot

Located deep within Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is the alleged nesting ground of Bukit Timah Monkey Man, a 2-metre tall ape-like cryptid.

#9: Toa Payoh Iconic Dragon Playground

The popularity of the Toa Payoh dragon playground in the 1970s led to the sprouting of several replicas across the different housing estates in Singapore

#8: Coney Island and the Abandoned Haw Par Beach Villa

Once owned by the Aw Boon brothers, founders of Tiger Balm, Coney Island was planned to be develop into an integrated holiday resort island.

#7: Singapore, the Town Buried in Sand, in Michigan

Singapore in Michigan was then a thriving town, housing four lumber bills, a bank and some 40 houses. The bank even printed its own “Singapore”

#6: Keeping Orchard Road Flood Free: Stamford Detention Tank & Stamford Diversion Canal

Ever wonder why the streets along Orchard Road are no longer floods during intense downpour?

#5: Singaporeans Are Rich. But How Rich?

Based on the ‘household wealth per adult’ published in the Global Wealth Report 2019 by Credit Suisse, Singaporeans are the SIXTH richest people in the

#4: Singapore Flyer the Feng Shui Wheel

Did you know that that the Singapore Flyer had 28 capsules, 28 passengers, and takes approximately 28 minutes to complete a cycle?

#3: 1972 Queenstown Mystery “Sniping” Murder

On the fateful day on 18 September 1972, a Malaysian seamstress was mysteriously shot by a 'sniper' along Commonwealth Avenue.

#2: Second Hot Spring in Singapore: Pulau Tekong Hot Spring

Do you know that besides the famous Sembawang Hot Springs, there is a second hot spring in Singapore? In fact, it is so hidden that

#1: Why Are There No Gorillas in Singapore Zoo?

Have you ever visited Singapore Zoo and wonder why there are no gorillas?