An exclusive ExplorerSG mini series where we reveal some of the lesser-known places, facts and history of Singapore.

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Singapore Flyer the Feng Shui Wheel

Did you know that that the Singapore Flyer had 28 capsules, 28 passengers, and takes approximately 28 minutes to complete a cycle?

map of 1972 queenstown sniping murder

1972 Queenstown Mystery “Sniping” Murder

On the fateful day on 18 September 1972, a Malaysian seamstress was mysteriously shot by a ‘sniper’ along Commonwealth Avenue.

Second Hot Spring in Singapore: Pulau Tekong Hot Spring

Do you know that besides the famous Sembawang Hot Springs, there is a second hot spring in Singapore? In fact, it is so hidden that it is not accessible to the public!

Why Are There No Gorillas in Singapore Zoo?

Have you ever visited Singapore Zoo and wonder why there are no gorillas?