An exclusive ExplorerSG mini series where we reveal some of the lesser-known places, facts and history of Singapore.

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The Origins of Bishan Town: Peck San Theng Cemetery

Originally built as a burial ground for the Cantonese and Hakka immigrants from China, Peck San Theng cemetery later opened up to the wider Chinese community to meet burial demands in the country.

Onsen for the Japanese: Sembawang Hot Springs

Discovered in 1909 by Chinese merchant Seah Eng Keong, the spring was frequented by villagers who sought the waters for its supposed healing powers. The neighboring village became known as Kampong Ayer Panas, or Village of Hot Water.

Stamford Raffles Five Foot Way: Wu Jia Ji

The 5-foot way (also known as wu jiao ji in Mandarin and kaki lima in Malay), referring to the covered walkways in many parts of Asia, is an unique architectural feature established by Sir Stamford Raffles.

1974 Laju Ferry Hack

On 31 January 1974, four armed terrorists (two from the Japanese Red Army and two from the Popular Front of the Liberation of Palestine) landed on Pulau Bukom – a small island south of mainland Singapore – in an attempt to bomb the Shell Oil Refinery and disrupt the regional oil supply chain.

wooden steps in Bukit Timah Nature reserve

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve: More Tree Species Than The Entire North America?

Believed to be over a million years old, the 163-hectare Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is the oldest and biggest forest reserve in Singapore.

First Singapore Grand Prix: Old Upper Thomson Road

The Old Upper Thomson Road is the venue of Singapore’s first grand prix and played host to several exciting motorsports from 1961 to 1973 before its end citing safety concerns.