Mystery & Crime The History Behind

The History Behind Old Changi Hospital

From a rumoured torture chamber to sightings of the spirit of a nurse haunting the hallways, Old Changi Hospital gives the creeps like no other place in Singapore.
The Ultimate Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Using SingapoRediscovers Vouchers Without Spending a Single Cent!

Don't want to fork out a single dollar to use your SingapoRediscovers Vouchers? Check out our ultimate guide and get rediscover Singapore!
Mystery & Crime The History Behind

The History Behind: Haunted Hillview Mansion

Once poised to be the highest and most expensive residential property in the region, it is now one of the three famous haunted 'colored' houses in Singapore.
Outdoors The Ultimate Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Singapore’s Offshore Islands

Itching for a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Here are eight islands you can visit other than Sentosa!

8 Interesting Facts About Singapore’s MRT That You Wouldn’t Know

Do you know that Singapore almost had no MRT transportation network?
The History Behind

The History Behind Bukit Brown Cemetery

Home to over 100,000 tombs, Bukit Brown Cemetery is the largest Chinese graveyard outside of China.For almost a hundred years...
Mystery & Crime The History Behind

The History Behind Istana Woodneuk

Surrounded by thick vegetation and a troubling past, the now abandoned Istana Woodneuk continues to plague the mansion till this day
Mystery & Crime Others

7 Myths and Folklores of Singapore You Will Never Believe

Singapore may be young and small, but it is home to some incredible tales that even Singaporeans wouldn't believe!
Food & Drinks

10 Traditional Confectioneries & Bakeries to Visit Before They Are Gone

Satisfy your nolstagic palates with these 10 traditional confectioneries and bakeries before they go into history!
Mystery & Crime

10 Bone-Chilling Murders in Singapore That Shocked the Nation

Despite being rated as one of the safest country to live in, Singapore is home to some of the most...
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