Rooftop Farm Experience

The Sundowner offers an oasis of green floating above the bustling cafes and bars of the Siglap restaurant belt. The juxtaposition of the busyness below and a quiet space above was something we fell in love with immediately, and we decided to make what was an empty concrete rooftop into a thriving community. Every plant and pebble (and bee) has been lovingly put together to create this unique speakeasy.

Featured Activity

Rooftop Farm Experience

Attend our RFE and learn how everything in nature is interconnected: How bioactive soil grows healthy plants, which in turn produce flowers and fruits high in nutrition! And that many fruiting plants need pollinators to produce fruits, which is where our rescued bees come in.

Finally, savour some nutritious honey and garnish your own cocktails (or a healthy alternative, kombucha), with organic produce grown in the farm around you.