Bus Facts You Probably Don’t Know

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Here are some interesting bus facts that you probably won’t know! 

1) The shortest bus service is Feeder 902. It runs 1.1km from Woodlands Temporary Interchange to Republic Polytechnic and only operates during the school term on weekdays morning!

2) The longest bus service is Bus 858, running a 73.5km-long return trip from Woodlands Temporary Interchange to Changi Airport.

3) There is currently no Bus 1 in Singapore. The service used to run from Changi Village to North Bridge Road but was discontinued in 1989.

4) Bus 825 is the only bus service that runs on minibuses. It is presently serviced by 4 fully-electric minibuses that looks exactly like the standard-sized buses we commonly see.

5) There are a group of bus captains tasked with ferrying bus captains only! This happens after midnight when there are no bus or train services to ferry the bus captains home and to work.

6) Before the popularization of smartphones,TV screens were mounted on buses to provide entertainment during the ride. Named TVMobile, It was a collaboration with Mediacorp but was discontinued in January 2010, citing a high cost of maintenance.