Clementi to Har Paw Villa w/ West Coast Park (7km)

Clementi to Har Paw Villa w/ West Coast Park (7km)




7 km

Starting Point

Clementi MRT



Ending Point

Haw Par Villa MRT

This leisure hike takes us on a journey from Clementi MRT to Haw Par Villa via West Coast Park.

From Clementi Mall, head to Clementi Aveneue 3 located right behind Clementi Market & Food Centre. From there, cross the overhead bridge towards Clementi ActiveSG Stadium. Follow the route and head towards West Coast Park.

West Coast Park is a 50 hectare large park that runs parallel to West Coast Highway. It houses a variety of attractions including the Adventure Play Area, the Grand Lawn as well as Marshland Broadwalk. Be sure to check out the Promenade Lookout Jetty for a panoramic view of the tankers and Jurong Island. Have a quick break at McDonald’s West Coast Park before continuing your journey to Haw Par Villa.

Follow the length of West Coast Park along West Coast Highway and you will reach Haw Par Villa, a theme park that has become an important part of Singapore’s cultural heritage.

Built in 1937 by Aw Boon Haw, the millionaire philanthropist who developed Tiger Balm, Haw Par Villa served as a popular recreational destination for many Singaporean familities in the 1990s. The park incorporated many statues and dioramas to inculcate Chinese values to visitors. In particular, the Ten Courts of Hell which depicted scenes of Hell in Chinese mythology and Buddhism was widely popular among visitors.

Admission to Haw Par Villa is free. Paid tours are available: 

The Finding Your Tao in Haw Par Villa talks about the stories behind the park and runs at 9:30am. Cost $10 for adults and $5 for children

The Journey to Hell allows you to see the park in new light and talks about how death stalked the Aw family. Runs every friday night at 6:30pm and cost $20 for adults, $10 for children.

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