4D Oracle Stone at Loyang Temple

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The history of Loyang Tua Pek Kong Temple can be traced back to the early 1980s when statues of Taoist, Buddhist and Hindu deities were found lying along the coast near Loyang Way.

Devotees of various religions then built a small hut made with bricks and zinc sheets, constructing a unique mixed-religion temple. The number of devotees grew exponentially and in 2007, it moved to its current location where a multi-storey building was built to house the statues.

A must-visit attraction of the temple is the famed “Round Oracle Stone” that purportedly reveals winning 4D numbers to destined devotees.

Little is known about the origins of the “Oracle Stone” but fervent devotees swear by its miraculous power to reveal winning numbers.

For the numbers to be ‘seen’, kemenyan incense is burnt in front of the stone and devotees would attempt to derive numbers “appearing” from the whirls of the smoke contrasting against the rough surface of the stone. 

(Image credits: lytpk.org.sg)