Singaporeans Are Rich. But How Rich?

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Based on the ‘household wealth per adult’ published in the Global Wealth Report 2019 by Credit Suisse, Singaporeans are the sixth richest people in the world.

Approximately 2.18 million Singaporeans — almost half of Singapore’s adult population — are among the world richest top 10% with a wealth of at least US$109,400 (S$148,200). About 226,000 Singaporeans, or 5% of the population, belong to the top 1% in the world with over US$936,400 (S$1.26 million) to their name.

On the other hand, around 14% of Singapore’s population, or 700,000 adults, have less than US$10,000 ( S$13,500) to their name. This percentage however, is well below the global average of 58%.

Singaporeans are also the second richest in Asia with an average wealth of US$298,000 (S$403,700) per adult. Hong Kong tops the Asia’s list with an average wealth of US$489,260 (S$663,000)

(Image credits: Credit Suisse, Sanja Bucko)

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